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Welcome To SPN Performance

At SPN Performance, we're dedicated to ensuring you are involved in each part of your build. We will not try to sell you parts, we will try to work with you to determine what is best for you. 

SPN Performance is not like your normal run of the mill performance shop. SPN was started as a hobby shop for friends to work on their

cars. We hosted Tech Days out of our houses, we started setting up parts vendors to get deals and group buys. Basically it was a few friends that all had similar interests. Then as we got out more and more the horror stories started getting worse. People that maybe were not able to do their own work, or did not have the tools or time. It amazed us how many people felt they had been taken advantage of, or how many shops cut corners. So we decided to start our shop. We do not want to become the biggest shop. We want to give reasonable rates, and above standard service. We want to work with fellow car people, and make sure their issues are addressed, they get what they paid for, and they have a shop they can trust to treat them well.

We are just like you in the way that we love cars, and most of our friends are from the industry. We want to be more like a family with real personal relationships with our customers. They can ask us questions, and always have a open door to ask opinions and talk through their builds. Not to mention we have very reasonable rates, and will try our best to price match any compeditor.